Alumni Thoughts

Helpful Words

  • Find a current resident who is moving across the country (ME) and buy their stuff for a good deal.
  • Assume that you will be extremely busy mid-year for postdoctoral applications and interviews. Vacation may be hard if taking a lot of professional leave.
  • Try to spread vacation across all rotations.
  • Make doctors appointments for routine check-ups.
  • If you value sleep or a shorter commute, sacrifice space to live near work site. Rotations could be announced after you sign a lease, so try to live centrally if unsure of work-site. Contact current residents to find out more about bus lines and shuttles.
  • If possible, finish your dissertation before starting internship (although I didn’t do this and it was fine).
  • Maintain work/life balance and enjoy Seattle! It’s a great city!
  • Enjoy yourself! This is a great year. Don’t be afraid to set limits, say no, and stick to your guns. You are going to do great!
  • Your fellow residents are your absolute best source of support for the upcoming year. No one else quite understands what you’re going through other than them. There is a strong culture of collegiality here, and having the support of my cohort has made this an incredible experience! Also, no one expects you to know anything about what you’ll be doing over the next year, they only expect you to be willing to learn. Be honest about how things are going, ask for help when you need it, and know that your faculty truly wants you to be successful.