The University of Washington Psychology Internship program has several awards that we present to 4 of our residents each year.

The Joseph Becker, Ph.D. Award for Outstanding Research Achievement

This award was established in recognition of the significant contributions of Dr. Joseph Becker to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and to the Psychology Internship Program.

The establishment of this award honors Dr. Becker’s vision of a scientist-practitioner internship and his long-term presence as a model of the principles this embodies. The award further acknowledges his nationally recognized stature as a clinician-researcher, and as a strong, compassionate teacher and leader. In keeping with Dr. Becker’s vision, the purpose of this award is to stimulate quality research by rewarding an intern for independence, creativity and intellectual depth in a research effort of the internship year.

Adam Kuczynski, MS 2023
Anthony Osuna 2022
Not awarded due to covid and travel restrictions 2021
William E. Pelham, III 2020
Kyrill Gurtovenko 2019
Stephanie Karis Brewer 2018
Christopher DeCou 2017
Andrea Nicole Niles 2016
Jeremy Wing-Hei Luk 2015
Joshua D. McKeever 2014
Melanie Elizabeth Noel 2013
Jesse Bledsoe 2012
Mylien Duong 2011
Andrea Maikovich-Fong 2010

The Joan C. Martin, Ph.D. Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Internship

In recognition of Dr. Joan C. Martin’s outspoken support and encouragement to her colleagues and the University community, the Psychology Internship Program recognizes the psychology resident with outstanding professional integrity and collegiality who demonstrates genuine selfless commitment to the enhancement of the well-being of others and whose visible contributions enhance our community: the Internship Program, affiliated departments, clinical services, and the University.

Gabi Sepulveda, MS 2023
Rebecca Williams 2022
Jon Reeves 2021
Felicia Petra Mata-Greve
Kris (Pui Kwan) Ma
Kala Phillips 2019
Samantha Lynn De Dios Stern 2018
Brianna Clyde Delker 2017
Anne Clawson 2016
Katherine Streeter Wright 2015
Kimberly M. Nelson 2014
Jennifer Villatte 2013
Jesse C. Bledsoe 2012
Emily K. Traupman 2011
Roisin M’Mara 2010

The John E. Carr, Ph.D. Award for Outstanding Achievement in Empirically Supported Psychotherapies

This award honors the contributions of John E. Carr, Ph.D., scholar, gifted clinician, generous and enthusiastic teacher. The award is given to the trainee who demonstrates outstanding achievement in empirically supported psychotherapy through clinical work, research, or teaching.

Lily Assaad, MS 2023
Mickeal Pugh, Jr. 2022
Julia Brechbiel 2021
Chelsea Jane Siwik 2020
Lindsey Major Knowles 2019
Jennifer B. Blossom 2018
Christopher DeCou 2017
Rachel Aaron 2016
Daniel James O’Rourke 2015
Ashey C. Maliken 2014
Tierney Kyle Lorenz 2013
Andrada D. Neacsiu 2012
Kimberly Anne Babson & Cara C. Lewis 2011
Stephen Stuart O’Connor 2010

The Director’s Prize: The Nancy Robinson, Ph.D. Award for Outstanding Overall Achievement

In recognition of the significant contributions of Dr. Nancy Robinson to the academic programs of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, in appreciation of the considerable measure in which she has enhanced the stature and reputation of the department nationally through her administrative, teaching and research efforts, and in recognition of the leadership she has provided in developing the highest quality standards for graduate education in psychology, the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences established the “Director’s Prize” in psychology to be awarded annually to the graduating intern who demonstrates significant achievement in research, teaching and clinical skill, and who shows promise for an outstanding career in academic psychology.

Andrew Rogers, MA 2023
Alisa Zhao 2022
Katherine Walukevich-Dienst 2021
Lydia LaRocque Chevalier 2020
Caitlin Turpyn 2019
Sky Fitzpatrick 2018
Cameron L. Randall 2017
Jennifer Marie Cadigan 2016
Brianna Turner 2015
Leah M. Adams 2014
Melissa Anne Day 2013
Collin Levi Davidson 2012
Molly Nikolas 2011
Andrea Maikovich-Fong 2010