Healthy Family

Lactation Stations

We are so glad that the UW provides many lactation stations available, both on and off campus. The website includes an interactive map to help find the locations at the UW, Harboview, South Lake Union and other areas.

Each station is different, so when you call be sure to ask:

    • Does the station have a breast pump I can use?
    • What accessory kit do I need to bring?
    • Do I need an access code or key?
    • How do I schedule my pumping times?
    • Is there a refrigerator for storing milk?
    • Can I schedule an orientation before using the station?

Childcare Resources

If you are looking for childcare, please see UW Childcare resources

Child Care Resources: 206-523-3936 (tell them you’re affiliated with the UW).

UW Care Link: 866-598-3978

University of Washington Childcare Centers

If you are looking at UW Childcare centers or HMC Childcare center, and would like to fill out a wait list application, please let the internship office know if you need a letter verifying your upcoming employment.

You will be considered a University of Washington staff member as of July 1, regardless of your track / training site.


Search for NAEYC accredited centers

WA State Dept of Early Learning Child Care Check