Where Residents Lived During Their Internship Year

These neighborhoods reflect areas close to the UW; north of downtown Seattle and west of Lake Washington. There are many other neighborhoods to the south and ea st of downtown and east of the lake. They can constitute transportation challenges, especially if you aren’t a daily driver or have more than one rotation location, but they are very culturally interesting and can provide a good work/life balance.

Capitol Hill

“I love living in Capitol Hill! This happens to be where the majority of this year’s class lives. It was awesome being so close to everyone. I commuted to Seattle Children’s everyday. The commute got a little long, but I adjusted and used the time to work on other stuff or read.”

“Ranges from bustling, busy, with popular nightlife to quiet and residential. Very dog-friendly. Tons of great restaurants, parks, shops, things to do.”

“I love this area! Lots of good restaurants, coffee shops, several yoga studios, and relatively easy commute to the three Adult Track sites (20 minute walk to HMC, ~35 minute bus to UW and outpatient).”

“Seattle Children’s Shuttle. It was great! They’ve stopped serving the Met West Park shuttle stop in the evenings, so be aware of that. However, with the light rail opening soon, the commute from Capitol Hill to SCH should be a breeze.”

“Walk/bus, occasionally drive. Easy access (walking/busing) to HMC and UW, SCH farther commute (two buses or one bus/one shuttle).”

“Bus/walking. Buses are reliable and easy, and the transit pass is very affordable (currently $25 per pay period). On the weekends we occasionally use Uber or car2go to get around, both of which are easily accessible and reliable in Seattle.”


“Easy commute to UW and Harborview; near several parks, including Greek Lake; less “busy” than other neighborhoods (e.g., Capitol Hill), but plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, etc. nearby.”

“Bus; 5 minutes to Adult Outpatient, 10-15 minutes to Adult Inpatient), 20-25 minutes to Adult Consults”

Maple Leaf

“About 3 miles north of UW/Children’s hospital. Lots of cute homes and has a nice park (Maple Leaf Park). Fairly walkable to a good amount of restaurants/bars on Roosevelt and along Lake City Way. Rent for a 2-3 bedroom home ranges from $2300-$3000/month, apartments are more affordable.”

“Close to UW and Children’s Hospital, so I drive. Buses are available and fairly easy to use depending on which part of the neighborhood you’re in.”


“Very charming, lots of kids, families, good restaurants/coffee shops. Easy access to Green Lake and major thoroughfares (I-5 and 99). Traffic can be annoying on 45th during rush hour. Easy access to bus lines to U-District and downtown (depending where in Wford you live). I walk to Children’s from my apartment (about 2 miles each way) or take the free Children’s shuttle that leaves from Roosevelt Commons (about .5 miles away). It’s also very easy to bike or bus to Children’s/UW campus. Harborview might be a bit more complicated, I’ve never tried from my place.”

Lake City

“Primarily residential, cheaper than downtown neighborhoods, about 25 minutes by bus to UWMC. I bus to work everyday. The bus comes right outside my house, and goes directly to UWMC. I need to transfer once to get to Harborview, but the commute is very easy.

“North Seattle, close to Children’s Hospital and the U District. Much more affordable than most north end neighborhoods with easy access to express buses downtown and surrounding area. Not “city” living. Feels more suburban.”


“Love it! Low key but still social. Great Sunday’s farmer’s market, restaurants, and lounges/pubs. Only down side is that it is a little out of the way from Harborview, but about 30 min bus ride to UWMC and Children’s.”

“Like it, easy to UW but a bit longer (45 mins on bus) to HMC. Usually bus but sometimes drive. Rode bike many days to UW. To HMC, 20 min drive and 45 min bus.”

Other Popular Seattle Neighborhoods

Beacon Hill

Columbia City

Queen Anne

SoDo / Georgetown

Wallingford / Green Lake

West Seattle