Diversity Advancement Committee

Chair: Ty Lostutter, Ph.D.


  • To encourage conversations about diversity and its role in the training of residents.
  • To promote education of residents and faculty on issues of individual and cultural diversity (including ethnic minorities, gender/sexual orientation, physical disabilities, SES, age) as these relate to clinical work, consultation, supervision, and evaluation, and research methods/design.
  • To serve as a resource “hub” of information (clinical and social service resources, research, lectures, and expertise at the University of Washington and surrounding community) on diversity issues for everyone involved in the internship.
  • To recruit and retain diverse residents, fellows, faculty, and speakers, as well as those interested in diversity issues.

Patient Populations

We serve a diverse population at all of our training sites.

Resident Participation

All interested residents are encouraged to participate on the committee which remains active throughout the internship year.

Current members are noted on the resident directory with an asterisk.

Diversity Advancement Flyer

2021-2022 Schedule – 1:15p-2:15p – Zoom

7/29/21 DEI/DAC Meeting
8/26/21 DEI/DAC Meeting
9/30/21 DEI/DAC Meeting
10/28/21 DEI/DAC Meeting
11/18/21 DEI/DAC Meeting
12/16/21 DEI/DAC Meeting
1/27/22 DEI/DAC Meeting
2/24/22 DEI/DAC Meeting
3/31/22 DEI/DAC Meeting
4/28/22 DEI/DAC Meeting
5/26/22 DEI/DAC Meeting
6/16/22 DEI/DAC Meeting